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  • Auteurs Divers
    The Celtic Fake Book - C Edition

    Partition - Ligne mélodique avec paroles et accords

    Hal Leonard

    Référence: HL00240153

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    23rd of june, the
    A barra love lilt
    A bunch of thyme
    A churning lilt
    A druid of the isles
    A dunvegan dirge
    A fairy plaint
    A fairy's love song
    A highland lad my love was born
    A man of double deed
    A rich irish lady
    A soothing croon from eigg
    A wandering shade
    Abdul abulbul amir (william french)
    Across the western ocean
    Aignish on the machair
    Alister, son of coll the splendid
    All through the night
    Along with my love i'll go
    Altar isle o' the sea
    An eriskay lullaby
    Ar fol lol lol o
    Are you there, mo-ri-ar-i-ty?
    Arthur mcbride
    As i roved out (i)
    As i roved out (ii)
    As i was going to ballynure
    Ash grove, the
    At the wave mouth
    Auld lang syne
    Baloo baleerie
    Baloo, lammy
    Band played on, the
    Banks of the suir, the
    Bantry girls' lament, the
    Barbara allen
    Bard of armagh, the
    Barnyards of delgaty, the
    Batchelor's walk
    Be thou my vision
    Beggarman, the
    Believe me, if all those endearing young charms
    Bells of shandon, the
    Bendemeer's stream
    Beside the river loune
    Birds at the fairy fulling
    Black cavalry, the
    Blackberry blossom, the
    Blackwater side
    Blessing of the road
    Blue bells of scotland, the
    Bold fenian men, the
    Bold robert emmet
    Bold tenant farmer, the
    Bold thady quill
    Boney was a warrior
    Bonniest lass, the
    Bonny bunch of roses, the
    Bonny earl of murray, the
    Bonny ship the diamond, the
    Boston burglar
    Brave irish lad, the
    Brennan on the moor
    Broken-hearted i'll wander
    Bungle rye
    Butcher boy, the
    Byker hill
    Calton weaver, the
    Campbells are coming, the
    Captain macdonald's favourite jig
    Chanty that beguiled the witch, the
    Charlie is my darling
    Christ-child's lullaby, the
    Christmas duanag
    Clanranald's parting song
    Clare's dragoons
    Cockies of bungaree, the
    Cockle gatherer, the
    Coll nurse's lilt
    Columbus was an irishman
    Come back to erin
    Come sit down beside me
    Come to the hills
    Comin' through the rye
    Convict of clonmel
    Cooley's reel
    Cork leg, the
    Cosher bailey's engine
    County of mayo, the
    Courting of the king of erin's daughter, the
    Cradle spell of dunvegan
    Credhe's lament for cail
    Croppy boy, the
    Cruiskeen lawn, the
    Cuchullan's lament for his son
    Cuckoo madrigal, the
    Curragh of kildare, the
    Curse of the aspen tree
    Dance to your shadow
    Danny boy
    Darby kelly
    Dear little shamrock, the
    Dick darby
    Dingle puck goat, the
    Don't you weep after me
    Doon, the
    Dowerless maiden, the
    Dowie dens of yarrow, the
    Down by the salley gardens
    Down went mcginty
    Drowsy maggie
    Dublin stage, the
    Duffy's blunders
    Dumbarton's drums
    Eamann an chnoic
    Earl of moray, the
    Easter rebellion, the
    Eileen aroon
    Eileen oge
    Ellmenreich - spinning song
    Erin! oh erin
    Eriskay love lilt, an
    Ethne's croon to her child columba
    Fair harvard
    Fair hills of eire o!, the
    Farewell to the maigue
    Farewell, nancy
    Fate croon, the
    Father murphy
    Felix, the soldier
    Fenian man o' war, the
    Fenians of cahirciveen, the
    Finnegan's wake
    First swallow, the
    Flora macdonald's love song
    Flow gently, sweet afton
    Flower of sweet strabane, the
    Flying cloud, the
    Foggy dew
    Follow me up to carlow
    For i had a spirit above my degree
    Four marys, the
    From erin's shores
    From the cold sod that's o'er you
    Galbally farmer, the
    Galway city
    Galway piper, the
    Galway races, the
    Galway shawl, the
    Gaol of clonmel, the
    Garden where the praties grow, the
    Gin i were
    Girl i left behind me, the
    Girls of coleraine, the
    Golden jubilee, the
    Great silkie, the
    Green fields of america, the
    Green grow the rashes, o
    Green grows the laurel
    Harp of dunvegan, the
    Harp that once, the
    Harper, the
    Harrigan (cohan)
    Has anybody here seen kelly?
    Has sorrow thy young days shaded?
    Hat my father wore, the
    Hieland laddie
    Hills of kerry, the
    Hounds of filemore, the
    Hunting the hare
    Hurree hurroo
    I had fifteen dollars in my inside pocket
    I know my love
    I know where i'm going
    I never will marry
    I thank you, ma'am,' says dan
    I'll take you home again, kathleen
    I'll tell my ma
    I'm a poor stranger
    I've got rings on my fingers
    In glendalough lived a young saint
    In scartaglen there lived a lass
    Irish astronomy
    Irish girl, the
    Irish rover, the
    Irish washerwoman, the
    Irish wedding, the
    Irishman's epistle, the
    Irishman's shanty, the
    John riley
    Johnny i hardly knew ye
    Jug of punch
    Kathleen mavourneen
    Kelly, the boy from killann
    Kerry cow, the
    Kerry dance, the (molloy)
    Kerry reel, the
    Kevin barry
    Kilgary mountain
    Kishmul's galley
    Kitty of coleraine
    Lambs on the green hills, the
    Lanigan's ball
    Lark in the clear air, the
    Lark in the morning, the
    Lay of diarmad, the
    Let erin remember the days of old
    Let him go - let him tarry
    Limerick is beautiful
    Little bit of heaven, a (brennan)
    Little bunch of rushes, the
    Little saucepan, the
    Loch leven love lament
    Loch lomond
    Lochbroom love song
    Lost child, the
    Lough sheelin's side
    Love at my heart
    Love-wandering, the
    Lovely leitrim
    Low-backed car, the
    Lure of the fairy hill, the
    Macpherson's farewell
    Magic mist, the
    Maid of fife-e-o
    Maid of slievenamon, the
    Maid of the sweet brown knowe, the
    Mary fair
    Master mcgrath
    Mcpherson's lament
    Mcsorley's twins
    Men of harlech
    Men of the west, the
    Merchant's daughter, the
    Mermaid song
    Mermaid's croon, the
    Michael roy of brooklyn city
    Mick mcguire
    Milking croon
    Milking song
    Minstrel boy, the
    Mo ghra-sa mo dhia
    Molly bawn
    Molly brannigan
    Molly malone (cockles & mussels)
    Morgan magan
    Morrissey and the russian sailor
    Mother machree
    Mountains of mourne
    Mr. moses ri-tooral-i-ay
    Mrs. mcgrath
    Mrs. murphy's chowder
    Mull fisher's love song
    Mulligan guard, the
    My bonnie lies over the ocean
    My luve is like a red, red rose
    My mary of the curling hair
    My name is kelly (but i'm livin the life of reilly)
    My wild irish rose
    Nell flaherty's drake
    Next market day, the
    No irish need apply
    None can love like an irishman
    Norah o'neale
    O love, 'tis a calming starry night
    O woman washing by the river
    O'donnell aboo
    O'hara's cup
    O'rourke's revel rout
    Oft in the stilly night
    Oh rowan tree
    Oiche nollag
    Old crone's lilt, the
    Old orange flute, the
    Old triangle, the
    Old turf fire, the
    On the banks of allan water
    On the banks of the roses
    Over the moor to maggie
    Owen coir
    Paddy doyle's boots
    Paddy upon the canal
    Palatine's daughter, the
    Parting glass, the
    Pat malloy
    Peacock march, the
    Peg o' my heart
    Peggy gordon
    Phil the fluter
    Portuguese sailor, the
    Praties, they grow small, the
    Pretty girl milking her cow, the
    Pulling the sea-dulse
    Pulse of my heart
    Putting out to sea
    Putting the taunt
    Queen of connemara, the
    Raglan road
    Rake and rambling boy
    Real old mountain dew
    Reynard the fox
    Rising of the moon, the
    Road to the isles, the
    Rocks of bawn, the
    Roddy mccorley
    Rory o'moore
    Rose of allendale, the
    Rose of tralee, the
    Rosin the beau
    Sailor's hornpipe, the
    Scots wha hae
    Sea moods
    Sea sorrow
    Sea-birds to her chicks
    Sea-quest, the
    Seal-woman's croon, the
    Seaqull of the land-uner-waves, the
    Sentry box, the
    Seven irishmen, the
    Shan van vocht, the
    She moved through the fair
    Ship at sea, the
    Shores of amerikay, the
    Shule aqgra
    Since i've been in the army
    Since james put on high collars
    Since maggie went away
    Skua-gulls, the
    Skye fisher's song
    Skye steersman's song, the
    Skye water-kelpie's lullaby
    Sleeps the noon in the deep blue sky
    Slieve gallen braes
    Snowy-breasted pearl, the
    Soft deal board, the
    Son of a gambolier, the
    Song of niamh of the golden tresses, the
    Song of the woods, the
    Sons of liberty, the
    Spanish lady, the
    Spinningwheel song
    Spreading the sea-wrack
    Star of county down, the
    Sweet rosie o'grady
    T'read on the tail o' me coat, the
    Tam pierce
    Tanyard side, the
    That tumble-down shack in athlone
    That's an irish lullaby
    They know not my heart
    Throw him down, mccloskey
    Tipperary recruiting song
    Tis the last rose of summer
    Trooper and the maid, the
    Uist cattle croon
    Ullapool sailor's song
    Van diemen's land
    Wae's me for prince charlie
    Wearing of the green, the
    Weaving lilt
    Weela wallia
    West's awake, the
    What would you do if you married a soldier?
    When he who adores thee
    When irish eyes are smiling
    When we were boy and girl
    Where the river shannon flows
    Whiskey, you're the devil
    Who threw the overalls in mistress murphy's chowder
    Why, liquor or life, do i love you so?
    Wild colonial boy, the
    Wild rover, the
    Will ye go, lassie?
    Will ye no' come back again?
    Will you come to the bower
    Wind on the moor, the
    Wind that shakes the barley, the
    Witchery cantrips
    Witchery croon
    Witchery fate song, the
    Witchery graces
    Witchery milking croon, the
    Women are worse than the men, the
    Work of the weavers, the
    Wren song, the
    Ye banks and braes o' bonnie doon
    Yellow bittern, the
    Yellow ponee, the
    You can tell that i'm irish
    You can't deny you're irish


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