auteurs-divers-the-library-of-big-band-hits-partition-piano-chant-guitareDIVERS AUTEURS
The Library Of Big Band Hits
Partition - Piano Chant Guitare
25.92 €
auteurs-divers-jazzy-christmas-tunes-avec-cd-partition-1-ou-2-guitares-avec-tablaturesDIVERS AUTEURS
Jazzy Christmas Tunes avec CD
Partition - 1 ou 2 Guitares avec Tablatures
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auteurs-divers-easy-jazz-play-along-volume-6-christmas-standards-avec-cd-partition-tout-instrumentDIVERS AUTEURS
Easy jazz play-along volume 6 - Christmas standards avec CD
Partition - Tout Instrument
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auteurs-divers-creative-piano-solo-jazz-pop-songs-partition-piano-soloDIVERS AUTEURS
Creative Piano Solo - Jazz Pop Songs
Partition - Piano Solo
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auteurs-divers-the-real-book-volume-iv-en-sib-partition-instrument-en-sibDIVERS AUTEURS
The Real Book - Volume IV en Sib
Partition - Instrument en Sib
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auteurs-divers-ragtime-jubilee-42-piano-gems-1911-21-partition-piano-soloDIVERS AUTEURS
Ragtime Jubilee - 42 Piano Gems, 1911-21
Partition - Piano Solo
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auteurs-divers-pro-vocal-women-s-edition-volume-44-favorite-standards-avec-cd-partition-ligne-melodique-avec-paroles-et-accordsDIVERS AUTEURS
Pro Vocal Women's Edition Volume 44 - Favorite Standards avec CD
Partition - Ligne mélodique avec paroles et accords
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auteurs-divers-pro-vocal-women-s-edition-volume-43-singable-standards-avec-cd-partition-ligne-melodique-avec-paroles-et-accordsDIVERS AUTEURS
Pro Vocal Women's Edition Volume 43 - Singable Standards avec CD
Partition - Ligne mélodique avec paroles et accords
16.50 €
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  • Auteurs Divers
    The real book volume 1 sixth edition

    Partition - Instrument en fa

    Hal Leonard

    Référence: HL00240226

    ALBUMS VARIETES  >  Jazz  >  En recueil

    34.50 €

    500 miles high [corea, chick] [potter, neville]
    502 blues [rowles, james]
    A child is born [jones, thad]
    A fine romance [kern, jerome] [fields, dorothy]
    A man and a woman (un homme et une femme) [lai, francis] [barouh, pier
    A night in tunisia [gillespie, john ‘dizzy’] [paparelli, frank]
    A string of pearls [grey, jerry]
    A sunday kind of love [belle, barbara] [prima, louis] [leonard, anita]
    African flower (petite fleur africaine) [ellington, duke]
    Afro blue [santamaria, mongo]
    Afternoon in paris [lewis, john]
    Airegin [rollins, sonny]
    Alfie [bacarach, burt] [david, hal]
    Alice in wonderland [fain, sammy] [hilliard, bob]
    All blues [davis, miles]
    All by myself [berlin, irving]
    All of me [simons, seymour] [marks, gerald]
    All of you [porter, cole]
    All the things you are [kern, jerome] [hammerstein ii, oscar]
    Alright, okay, you win [watts, mayme]
    Always [berlin, irving]
    Ana maria [shorter, wayne]
    Angel eyes [dennis, matt] [brent, earl]
    Anthropology [parker, charlie] [gillespie, dizzy]
    Apple honey [herman, woody]
    April in paris [duke, vernon] [harburg, e. y.]
    April joy [metheny, pat]
    Arise, her eyes [swallow, steve]
    Armageddon [shorter, wayne]
    Au privave [parker, charlie]
    Autumn in new york [duke, vernon]
    Autumn leaves [kosma, joseph] [mercer, johnny] [prevert, jacques]
    Beautiful love [young, victor] [king, wayne] [van alstyne, egbert] [gi
    Beauty and the beast [shorter, wayne]
    Bessie's blues [coltrane, john]
    Bewitched [rodgers, richard] [hart, lorenz]
    Big nick [coltrane, nick]
    Black coffee [webster, paul francis] [burke, sonny]
    Black diamond [sealey, milton]
    Black narcissus [henderson, joe]
    Black nile [shorter, wayne]
    Black orpheus [bonfa, luiz]
    Blue bossa [dorham, kenny]
    Blue in green [davis, miles]
    Blue monk [monk, thelonious]
    Blue train (blue trane) [coltrane, john]
    Blues for alice [parker, charlie]
    Bluesette [thielemans, jean] [gimbel, norman]
    Body and soul [green, john] [heyman, edward] [sour, robert] [eyton, fr
    Boplicity (be bop lives) [davis, miles] [evans, gil]
    Bright size life [metheny, pat]
    Broad way blues [coleman, ornette]
    Broadway [byrd, bill] [mcrae, teddy] [woode, henri]
    But beautiful [van heusen, jimmy] [burke, johnny]
    Butterfly [hancock, herbie] [maupin, bennie]
    Byrd like [hubbard, freddie]
    C'est si bon [betti, henri] [seelen, jerry] [hornez, andre]
    Call me [hatch, tony]
    Call me irresponsible [van heusen, james] [cahn, sammy]
    Can't help lovin' dat man [kern, jerome] [hammerstein ii, oscar]
    Captain marvel [corea, chick]
    Central park west [coltrane, john]
    Ceora [morgan, lee]
    Chega de saudade (no more blues) [jobim, antonio carlos] [de moraes, v
    Chelsea bells [swallow, steve]
    Chelsea bridge [strayhorn, billy]
    Cherokee (indian love song) [noble, ray]
    Cherry pink and apple blossom white [louiguy] [larue, jacques] [david,
    Chippie [coleman, ornette]
    Chitlins con carne [burrell, kenny]
    Come sunday [ellington, duke]
    Como en vietnam [swallow, steve]
    Con alma [gillespie, john ‘dizzy’]
    Conception [shearing, george]
    Confirmation [parker, charlie]
    Contemplation [tyner, mccoy]
    Coral [jarrett, keith]
    Cotton tail [ellington, duke]
    Could it be you [porter, cole]
    Countdown [coltrane, john]
    Crescent [coltrane, john]
    Crystal silence [corea, chick]
    D natural blues [montgomery, john l. (wes)]
    Daahoud [brown, clifford]
    Dancing on the ceiling [rodgers, richard] [hart, lorenz]
    Darn that dream [van heusen, jimmy] [delange, eddie]
    Day waves [corea, chick] [potter, neville]
    Days and nights waiting [jarrett, keith]
    Dear old stockholm [varmeland]
    Dearly beloved [kern, jerome] [mercer, johnny]
    Dedicated to you [cahn, sammy] [chaplin, saul] [hyzaret]
    Deluge [shorter, wayne]
    Desafinado [jobim, antonio, carlos] [mendonca, newton]
    Desert air [corea, chick]
    Detour ahead [ellis, herb] [frigo, john] [carter, lou]
    Dexterity [parker, charlie]
    Dizzy atmosphere [gillespie, john ‘dizzy’]
    Django [lewis, john]
    Doin' the pig [swallow, steve]
    Dolores [shorter, wayne]
    Dolphin dance [hancock, herbie]
    Domino biscuit [swallow, steve]
    Don't blame me [mchugh, jimmy] [fields, dorothy]
    Don't get around much anymore [ellington, duke] [russell, bob]
    Donna lee [parker, charlie]
    Dream a little dream of me [schwandt, wilbur] [andree, fabian] [kahn,
    Dreamsville [mancini, henry] [livingston, jay] [evans, ray]
    E.s.p. [shorter, wayne]
    Easter parade [berlin, irving]
    Easy living [robin, leo] [rainger, ralph]
    Easy to love (you'd be so easy to love) [porter, cole]
    Ecclusiastics [mingus, charles]
    Eighty one [davis, miles] [carter, ronald]
    El gaucho [shorter, wayne]
    Epistrophy [monk, thelonious] [clarke, kenny]
    Equinox [coltrane, john]
    Equipoise [cowell, stanley]
    Fall [shorter, wayne]
    Falling grace [swallow, steve]
    Falling in love with love [rodgers, richard] [hart, lorenz]
    Fee-fi-fo-fum [shorter, wayne]
    Follow your heart [mclaughlin, john]
    Footprints [shorter, wayne]
    For all we know [coots, fred, j.] [lewis, sam m.]
    For heaven's sake [meyer, don] [bretton, elise] [edwards, sherman]
    Forest flower [lloyd, charles]
    Four [davis, miles]
    Four on six [montgomery, john l. (wes)]
    Freddie freeloader [davis, miles]
    Freedom jazz dance [harris, eddie]
    Full house [montgomery, john l. (wes)]
    Gee baby, ain't i good to you [redman, john] [razaf, andy]
    Gemini [heath, jimmy]
    Giant steps [coltrane, john]
    Gloria's step [le faro, scott]
    God bless' the child [herzog jnr, arthur] [holiday, billie]
    Golden lady [wonder, stevie]
    Good evening mr. and mrs. america [guerin, john]
    Grand central [coltrane, john]
    Groovin' high [gillespie, john ‘dizzy’]
    Grow your own [jarrett, keith]
    Gua de beber (water to drink) [jobim, antonio carlos] [gimbel, norman]
    Guilty [kahn, gus] [whiting, richard] [akst, harry]
    Gypsy in my soul [boland, clay] [jaffe, moe]
    Half nelson [davis, miles]
    Have you met miss jones? [rodgers, richard] [hart, lorenz]
    Heaven [ellington, duke]
    Heebie jeebies [atkins, boyd]
    Hello, young lovers [rodgers, richard] [hammerstein ii, oscar]
    Here's that rainy day [van heusen, jimmy] [burke, johnny]
    Hot toddy [hendler, herb] [flanagan, ralph]
    House of jade [shorter, wayne]
    How high the moon [lewis, morgan] [hamilton, nancy]
    How insensitive (insensatez) [jobim, antonio, carlos] [de moraes, vini
    How my heart sings [zindars, earl] [zindars, anne]
    Hullo bolinas [swallow, steve]
    I can't get started with you [duke, vernon] [gershwin, ira]
    I can't give you anything but love [mchugh, jimmy] [fields, dorothy]
    I could write a book [rodgers, richard] [hart, lorenz]
    I got it bad and that ain't good [ellington, duke] [webster, paul fran
    I let a song go out of my heart [ellington, duke] [nemo, henry] [redmo
    I love paris [porter, cole]
    I love you [porter, cole]
    I love you) for sentimental reasons [best, william] [watson, deek]
    I mean you [monk, thelonious] [hawkins, coleman]
    I remember clifford [golson, benny]
    I should care [cahn, sammy] [stordahl, axel] [weston, paul]
    I wish i knew how it would feel to be free [taylor, billy]
    I'll never smile again [lowe, ruth]
    I'll remember april [johnston, pat] [raye, don] [de paul, gene]
    I'm all smiles [leonard, michael] [martin, herbert]
    I'm beginning to see the light [george, dan] [hodges, johnny] [ellingt
    I'm your pal [swallow, steve]
    Icarus [twoner, ralph n.]
    If you never come to me (inutil paisagem) [jobim, antonio carlos] [de
    Impressions [coltrane, john]
    In a mellow tone [ellington, duke]
    In a sentimental mood [ellington, duke]
    In the mood [garland, joe]
    In the wee small hours of the morning [mann, david] [hilliard, bob]
    In your quiet place [jarrett, keith]
    Indian lady [ellis, don]
    Inner urge [henderson, joe]
    Interplay [evans, bill]
    Invitation [kaper, bronislam] [webster, paul francis]
    Iris [shorter, wayne]
    Is you is, or is you ain't (ma' baby)
    Isn't it romantic? [rodgers, richard] [hart, lorenz]
    Isotope [henderson, joe]
    Israel [carisi, john]
    It don't mean a thing (if it ain't got that swing) [ellington, duke] [
    It's easy to remember [rodgers, richard] [hart, lorenz]
    Jelly roll [mingus, charles]
    Jordu [jordan, duke]
    Journey to recife [evans, richard] [gimbel, norman]
    Joy spring [brown, clifford]
    Juju [shorter, wayne]
    Jump monk [mingus, charles]
    June in january [robin, leo] [rainger, ralph]
    Just one more chance [johnston, arthur] [coslow, sam]
    Kelo [johnson, j. j.]
    Lady bird [dameron, tadd]
    Lady sings the blues [nichols, herbert] [holiday, billie]
    Lament [johnson, j.j]
    Las vegas tango [evans, gil]
    Lazy bird [coltrane, john]
    Lazy river [carmichael, hoagy]
    Like someone in love [van heusen, jimmy] [burke, johnny]
    Limehouse blues [braham, philip] [furber, douglas]
    Lines and spaces [lovano, joe]
    Litha [corea, chick]
    Little boat (o barquinho) [menescal, roberto] [boscoli, ronaldo] [kaye
    Little waltz [carter, ron]
    Long ago (and far away) [kern, jerome] [gershwin, ira]
    Lonnie's lament [coltrane, john]
    Look to the sky [jobim, antonio carlos]
    Love is the sweetest thing [noble, ray]
    Lucky southern [jarrett, keith]
    Lullaby of birdland [shearing, george] [weiss, george david]
    Lush life [strayhorn, billy]
    Mahjong [shorter, wayne]
    Maiden voyage [hancock, herbie]
    Man in the green shirt [zawinul, joe]
    Meditation (meditacao) [jobim, antonio carlos] [mendonca, newton] [gim
    Memories of tomorrow [jarrett, keith]
    Michelle [lennon, john] [mccartney, paul]
    Midnight mood [zawinul, josef]
    Midwestern nights dream [metheny, pat]
    Milano [lewis, john]
    Minority [gryce, gigi]
    Miss ann [dolphy, eric]
    Missouri uncompromised [metheny, pat]
    Misty [garner, erroll]
    Miyako [shorter, wayne]
    Moment's notice [coltrane, john]
    Mood indigo [ellington, duke] [mills, irving] [bigard, albany]
    Moonchild [jarrett, keith]
    Mr. p.c. [coltrane, john]
    My buddy [donaldson, walter] [kahn, gus]
    My favorite things [rodgers, richard] [hammerstein ii, oscar]
    My foolish heart [young, victor] [washington, ned]
    My funny valentine [rodgers, richard] [hart, lorenz]
    My one and only love [wood, guy] [mellin, robert]
    My romance [rodgers, richard] [hart, lorenz]
    My shining hour [arlen, harold] [mercer, johnny]
    My ship [weill, kurt] [gershwin, ira]
    My way [revaux, jacques] [francois, claude] [anka, paul] [thibaud, gil
    Mysterious traveller [shorter, wayne]
    Naima (niema) [coltrane, john]
    Nardis [davis, miles]
    Nefertiti [shorter, wayne]
    Never will i marry [loesser, frank]
    Nica's dream [silver, horace]
    Night dreamer [shorter, wayne]
    Night train [forrest, jimmy] [washington, oscar] [simpkins, lewis c.]
    Nobody knows you when you're down and out [cox, jimmie]
    Nostalgia in times square [mingus, charles]
    Nuages [reinhardt, django] [larue, jacques]
    Oleo [rollins, sonny]
    Oliloqui valley [hancock, herbie]
    Once i loved (amor em paz) (love in peace) [jobim, antonio carlos] [de
    Once in love with amy [loesser, frank]
    One finger snap [hancock, herbie]
    One note samba (samba de uma nota so) [jobim, antonio carlos] [mendonc
    Only trust your heart [carter, benny] [cahn, sammy]
    Orbits [shorter, wayne]
    Ornithology [parker, charlie] [harris, bennie]
    Out of nowhere [green, johnny] [heyman, edward]
    P.s. i love you [jenkins, gordon] [mercer, johnny]
    Paper doll [black, johnny s.]
    Passion dance [tyner, mccoy]
    Passion flower [strayhorn, billy] [raskin, milton]
    Peace [silver, horace]
    Peggy's blue skylight [mingus, charles]
    Pent up house [rollins, sonny]
    Penthouse serenade [jason, will] [burton, val]
    Peri's scope [evans, bill]
    Pfrancing (no blues) [davis, miles]
    Pinocchio [shorter, wayne]
    Pithecanthropus erectus [mingus, charles]
    Poem for #15 (the saga of harrison crabfeathers) [kuhn, steve]
    Portsmouth figurations [swallow, steve]
    Prelude to a kiss [ellington, duke] [gordon, irving] [mills, irving]
    Prince of darkness [shorter, wayne]
    Pussy cat dues [mingus, charles]
    Quiet nights of quiet stars (corcovado) [jobim, antonio carlos] [lees,
    Quiet now [zeitlin, denny]
    Recorda me [henderson, joe]
    Red clay [hubbard, freddie]
    Reflections [monk, thelonious]
    Reincarnation of a lovebird [mingus, charles]
    Ring dem bells [ellington, duke] [mills, irving]
    Road song [montgomery, john l. (wes)]
    Round midnight [monk, thelonious] [williams, cootie] [hanighen, bernie
    Ruby, my dear [monk, thelonious]
    Satin doll [ellington, duke]
    Scotch and soda [guard, dave]
    Scrapple from the apple [parker, charlie]
    Sea journey [corea, chick] [potter, neville]
    Seven come eleven [goodman, benny] [christian, charlie]
    Seven steps to heaven [davis, miles] [feldman, victor]
    Sidewinder [morgan, lee]
    Silver hollow [dejohnette, jack]
    Sirabhorn [metheny, pat]
    Skating in central park [lewis, john]
    So nice (summer samba) [valle, marcos] [valle, paulo sergio] [gimbel,
    So what [davis, miles]
    Solar [davis, miles]
    Solitude [ellington, duke] [de lange, eddie] [mills, irving]
    Some day my prince will come [churchill, frank] [morel, larry]
    Some other spring [herzog jnr, arthur] [kitchings, irene]
    Some skunk funk [brecker, randy]
    Somebody loves me [gershwin, george] [desylva, b. g.][macdonald, balla
    Sometime ago [mihanovich, sergio]
    Song for my father [silver, horace]
    Sophisticated lady [ellington, duke] [mills, irving] [parish, micthell
    Speak no evil [shorter, wayne]
    Standing on the corner [loesser, frank]
    Stella by starlight [young, victor] [washington, ned]
    Steps [corea, chick]
    Stolen moments [nelson, oliver]
    Stompin' at the savoy [goodman, benny] [sampson, edgar] [webb, chick]
    Straight no chaser [monk, thelonious]
    Stuff [davis, miles]
    Sugar [turrentine, stanley]
    Swedish pastry [kessel, barney]
    Sweet georgia bright [lloyd, charles]
    Sweet henry [swallow, steve] [gregg, jack]
    Take five [desmond, paul]
    Take the 'a' train [strayhorn, billy]
    Tame thy pen [niles, richard]
    Tell me a bedtime story [hancock, herbie]
    Thanks for the memory [robin, leo] [rainger, ralph]
    That's amoré (that's love) [warren, harry] [brooks, jack]
    The blue room [rodgers, richard] [hart, lorenz]
    The girl from ipanema (garôta de ipanema) [jobim, antonio carlos] [gim
    The green mountains [swallow, steve]
    The inch worm [loesser, frank]
    The intrepid fox [hubbard, freddie]
    The magician in you [jarrett, keith]
    The most beautiful girl in the world [rodgers, richard] [hart, lorenz]
    The night has a thousand eyes [brainin, jerry] [bernier, buddy]
    The old man from) the old country [adderley, nat] [lewis, curtis, r.]
    The song is you [kern, jerome] [hammerstein ii, oscar]
    The sorcerer [hancock, herbie]
    The sphinx [coleman, ornette]
    The star-crossed lovers [ellington, duke] [strayhorn, billy]
    The surrey with the fringe on top [rodgers, richard] [hammerstein ii,
    The world is waiting for the sunrise [seitz, ernest] [lockhart, eugene
    There is no greater love [jones, isham] [symes, marty]
    There will never be another you [warren, harry] [gordon, mack]
    There'll be some changes made [overstreet, benton] [higgins, billy]
    They didn't believe me [kern, jerome] [reynolds, herbert]
    Think on me [cables, george]
    Thou swell [rodgers, richard] [hart, lorenz]
    Three flowers [tyner, mccoy]
    Time remembered [evans, bill]
    Tones for joan's bones [corea, chick]
    Topsy [battle, edgar] [[durham, eddie]
    Tour de force [gillespie, john ‘dizzy’]
    Triste [jobim, antonio carlos]
    Tune up [davis, miles]
    Turn out the stars [evans, bill] [lees, gene]
    Twisted blues [montgomery, john, l. (wes)]
    Unchain my heart [sharp, bobby] [powell, teddy]
    Uniquity road [metheny, pat]
    Unity village [metheny, pat]
    Up jumped spring [hubbard, freddie]
    Upper manhattan medical group (ummg) [strayhorn, billy]
    Valse hot [rollins, sonny]
    Very early [evans, bill]
    Virgo [shorter, wayne]
    Wait till you see her [rodgers, richard] [hart, lorenz]
    Waltz for debby [evans, bill] [lees, gene]
    Wave [jobim, antonio carlos]
    We'll be together again [fischer, carl] [lane, frankie]
    Well you needn't (it's over now) [monk, thelonious] [perro, mike]
    West coast blues [montgomery, john l. (wes)]
    What am i here for? [ellington, duke]
    What was [corea, chick]
    When i fall in love [young, victor] [heyman, edward]
    When sunny gets blue [fischer, marvin] [segal, jack]
    When you wish upon a star [harline, leigh] [washington, ned]
    Whispering [coburn, richard] [schonberger, john] [rose, vincent]
    Wild flower [shorter, wayne]
    Windows [corea, chick]
    Witch hunt [shorter, wayne]
    Wives and lovers (hey, little girl) [bacharach, burt] [david, hal]
    Woodchopper's ball [bishop, joe] [herman, woody]
    Woodyn' you [gillespie, dizzy]
    Yes and no [shorter, wayne]
    Yesterday [lennon, john] [mccartney, paul]
    Yesterdays [kern, jerome] [harbach, otto]
    You are the sunshine of my life [wonder, stevie]
    You are too beautiful [rodgers, richard] [hart, lorenz]
    You brought a new kind of love to me [fain, sammy] [kahal, irving] [no
    You don't know what love is [raye, don] [depaul, gene]
    You took advantage of me [rodgers, richard] [hart, lorenz]
    You're nobody 'til somebody loves you [morgan, russ] [stock, larry] [c
    Young at heart [richards, johnny] [leigh, carolyn]