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  • The New Oxford Book Of Carols

    201 Noëls pour choeur

    Partition - Choeur mixte

    Oxford University Press

    Référence: Oup3533227
    Arrangeur : Keyte & Parrot

    CHANT  >  Chœur  >  Recueils Voix Mixtes

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    - 25 de diciembre
    - 3 kings of orient
    - 3 kön'ge wandern aus morgenland
    - A boy was born in bethlehem
    - A child this day is born
    - A hymn to the virgin
    - A solis ortus cardine
    - A virgin unspotted
    - A virgin unspotted
    - A wassail, a wassail throughout all this town
    - Ad cantus leticie
    - Adam lay ybounden
    EUROPE ET AMÉRIQUE 1700-1830 - Adeste fideles
    - All hayle to the dayes
    - Alleluya ; a nywe werk is come on honde
    - Alleluya pro virgine maria
    - Als ich bei meinen schafen wacht'
    - Angels, from the realms of glory
    - Angelus ad virginem
    - Arise, and hail the sacred day
    - As i out rode this enderes night
    - As i sat on a sunny bank
    - As shepherds in jewry
    - Awake, and join the cheerful choir
    - Away in a manger
    - Berger, secoue ton sommeil profond
    - Bethlehem down
    TRADITIONNELS BASQUES - Birjina gaztettobat zegoen
    - Blessed be that maid marie
    - Christe, redemptor omnium
    - Christemas hath made an end
    - Christians, awake
    - Christmas day is come
    - Christum wir sollen loben schon
    - Come all you faithful christians
    - Come all you worthy gentlemen
    - Come, let us all with heart and voice
    - Come, love we god
    - Corde natus ex parentis
    - Dans cette etable
    - De matin ai rescountra lou trin
    - Dies est laeticiae
    - Dieus soit en cheste maison
    20ÈME SIÈCLE - Ding-dong ding
    - Ding, dong, merrily on high
    - Dormi, jesu
    - E la don, don verges maria
    - Ein kindlein in der wiegen
    TRADITIONNELS ESPAGNOLS - El desembre congelat
    - El noi de la mare
    - En, natus est emanuel
    - Entre le boeuf et l'ane gris
    - Es ist ein roess entsprungen
    - Es kommt eiin schiff geladen
    - Es steht ein' lind im himmelreich
    TRADITIONNELS ALLEMANDS - Es sungen 3 engels
    - Festa dies agitur
    - Gaudete
    - Glory to god on high
    - Go tell it on the mountain
    - God rest you merry, gentlemen
    - God's dear son, without beginning
    - Good king wenceslas looked out
    - Good people all, this christmastime
    TRADITIONNELS PROVENÇAUX - Guillo, pran ton tamborin
    - Hail the blest morn
    - Hail, blessed virgin mary
    - Hajej, nyjej, jezisku
    - Hark, hark what news the angels bring
    - Hark, hark, glad tidings charm our ears
    - Hark, hear you not a chearful noise
    FIN DU 19ÈME SIÈCLE - Hark, the herald angels sing
    - Hayl, mary, ful of grace
    - Here we come a-wassailing
    - I saw 3 ships come sailing in
    - I wonder as i wander
    - Il est né, le divin enfant
    - In dulci jubilo
    - In the bleak mid-winter
    - In those 12 days
    - It came upon the midnight clear
    - Joy to the world
    - Kommet, ihr hirten
    - Laudemus cum armonia
    - Les anges dans nos campagnes
    - Let all that are to mirth inclined
    - Letabundus
    - Lift up your heads in joyful hope
    - Lo, he comes, with clouds escending
    - Love came down at christmas
    - Lullay, lullow : i swa a swete semly syght
    NOËLS ANGLAIS 1400-1700 - Lullay, lyllay : als i lay on yoolis night
    - Lullay, may liking
    - Lullay, thou riny little child
    - Lully, lulla, thow littel tyne child
    - Magnum nomen domini emanuel
    - Make we joy now in this fest
    - Maria durch ein'dornwald ging
    - Marvele noght, josep
    - Mary had a baby
    - Nova, nova
    - Now the holly bears a berry
    - Nowel : owt of your slepe aryse
    - Nowel syng we bothe al and som
    - Nowell : dieus wous garde, byewsser
    - Nowell : the borys hede
    - Nowell : tydynges trew ther be cum new
    - Nun komm, der heiden heiland
    - O deued pop cristion
    - O du fröhliche, o du selige
    - O jesulein süss, o jesulein mild
    - O joseph, being an old man truly
    - O little town of bethlehem
    TRADITIONNELS AMÉRICAINS - O mary and the baby, sweet lamb
    - O remember adam's fall
    - O tannenbaum
    WELSH TRADITIONAL - Oer yw'r gwr sy'n ethu caru
    - Oi betleem
    - Omnis mundus iucundetur
    - On christmas night all christians sing
    - Once, in royal david's city
    - Past 3 o'clock
    - Personent hodie
    - Procedenti puero - eya novus annus est. verbum caro factum est
    - Psallite unigenito
    - Puer natus in bethlehem
    - Puer nobis nascitur
    TRADITIONNEL NAPOLITAIN - Quando nascette ninno
    - Quelle est cette odeur agréable
    - Quem pastores laudavere
    - Qui creavit celum
    - Quittez, pasteurs
    - Rejoice and be merry
    - Rejoice, ye tenants of the earth
    - Resonet in laudibus
    - Rise up, shepherd, and follow
    NOËLS EUROPÉENS 1550-1700 - Riu, riu, chiu
    - Rouse, rouse from your sluumbers
    - Schlaf wohl, du himmelsknabe du
    - See, amid the winter's snow
    - Shepherds, arise
    - Shepherds, rejoice
    - Sing we the virgin mary
    - Sound, sound your instruments of joy
    - Stille nacht, heilige nacht
    - Swete was the song the virgine soong
    - Synge we to this mery cumpane
    - The 12 days of christmas
    - The 7 joys of mary
    - The angel gabriel from god was sent
    TRADITIONNELS ANGLAIS - The boar's head carol
    - The cherry tree carol
    TRADITIONNELS IRLANDAIS - The darkest midnight in december
    - The fader of heven
    - The first nowell
    - The holly and the ivy
    - The lord at first did adam make
    - The lord descended from above
    - The old yeare now away is fled
    - The shepherds'farewell to the holy family
    TRINIDIAN TRADITIONAL - The virgin mary had a baby boy
    - Ther is no rose of swych vertu
    - There is no rose of such virtue
    LUCK-VISIT SONGS - This is the truth sent from above
    - Thus angels sung
    - Thys endere nyghth i saw a syghth
    - Tomorrow shall be my dancing day
    - Torches
    - Un flambeau, jeannette, isabelle
    - Veni, redemptor gencium
    - Veni, veni emanuel
    - Verbum caro factum est : dies est leticie
    - Verbum caro factum est : in hoc anni circulo
    - Verbum caro factum est : y la virgen le dezia
    - Verbum patris hodie
    - Verbum patris umanatur
    MOYEN-AGE - Verbum supernum, prodiens
    - Vom himmel hoch, da komm'ich her
    - Vom himmel hoch, o engel, kommt
    - Wachet auf
    - Wake we joye nowe in this fest
    - Wassail, o wassail all over the town
    - Wassail, wassail all over the town
    - Watt's cradle hymn
    - We happy hirdes men
    - We wish you a merry christmas
    - We've been a while a-wandering
    - Wel, dyma'r borau gorau i gyd
    - What child is this
    - What tydynges bryngest thou, messangere
    - When christ was born of mary free
    - When god at first created man
    - When righteous joseph wedded was
    - While shepherds watched their flocks by night
    - Wie schön leuchtet der morgenstern
    - Wither's roching hymn
    - Ye nations all, on you i call
    - Ye sons of men, with me rejoice
    TRADITIONNELS TCHÈQUES - Zezulka z lesa vylitla


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