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The English Lute Songs

Second Series Contenant 2 Duos et 2 Trios

chant piano

Stainer et Bell

Référence: LS19

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NICOLAS LANIER - Bring away this sacred tree
AA. - But this, and then no more
" " - Cease, leaden slumber, dreaming
" " - Fain would i change that note
AA. - How can the tree but waste and wither away
THOMAS CAMPIAN - Move now with measur'd sound
THOMAS ROBINSON - Now cupid, look about thee
THOMAS CAMPIAN - Now hath flora robb'd her bow'rs
THOMAS MORLEY - O grief! e'en on the bud
RICHARD ALISON - O lord, turn not away thy face
THOMAS LUPO - Shows and nightly revels
AA. - Sweet are the thoughts that savour of content
TOBIAS HUME - The soldier's song: i sing the praise of honour'd wars
AA. - Those eyes that set my fancy on fire
THOMAS LUPO - Time, that leads the fatal round
" " - Tobacco! tobacco! sing sweetly for tobacco!
THOMAS GILES - Triumph now with joy and mirth
" " - What greater grief
RICHARD ALISON - When as we sat in babylon
THOMAS CAMPIAN - Woo her and win her