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    92 Extraits de 14 Opéras. Toutes Voix

    Partition - Chant


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    - 3 little maids
    - A lady fair
    - A magnet hung in a hardware shop
    - A maiden fair so see
    - A man who would woo a fair maid
    - A more humane mikado
    THE MIKADO, 1885 - A wand'ring minstrel i
    - Alone, and yet alive
    - Am i alone, and unobserved ?
    - As some day it may happen
    - Behold the lord high executioner
    - Brightly dawns our wedding day
    - Cheerily carols the lark over the cot
    - Dance a cachucha
    - Dear friends, take pity on my lot
    - Expressive glances
    - For he's going to marry yum-yum
    - He is an englishman
    - Here's a how-de-do
    - I am a courtier grave and serious
    - I am a maiden
    - I am the captain of the pinafore
    - I am the monarch of the sea
    - I am the very model of a modern major-general
    PATIENCE, 1881 - I cannot tell what this love may be
    - I have a song to sing, o
    - I once was a very abandoned person
    - I shipped, d'ye see
    - I stole the prince
    - I'm called little buttercup
    - I've jibe and joke
    RUDDIGORE, 1887 - If somebody there chanced to be
    PRINCESS IDA, 1884 - If you give me your attention
    - If you go in
    - If you want a receipt
    - In enterprise of martial kind
    UTOPIA, LIMITED, 1893 - In ev'ry mental lore
    - Is life a boon
    THESPIS, 1871 - Little maid of arcadee
    - Loudly let the trumpet bray
    - Love, unrequited
    - Miya sama
    - My boy, you may take it from me
    - My eyes are fully open
    - My name is john wellington wells
    - Never mind the why and wherefore
    - O gentlemen, listen i pray
    - Oh foolish fay
    - Oh, a private buffoon
    THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE, 1879 - Oh, better far to live and die
    - On a tree by a river
    - Poor wand'ring one
    - Prithee, pretty maiden
    - Sad is that woman's lot
    THE GRAND DUKE, 1896 - So ends my dream
    - So go to him
    - So please you, sir
    - Society has quite forsaken all her wicked courses
    - Spurn not the nobly born
    - Strange adventure
    - Take a pair of sparkling eyes
    - The flowers that bloom in the spring
    - The law is the true embodiment
    - The sun, whose rays
    - Then one of us will be a queen
    - There is beauty in the bellow of the blast
    - There lived a king
    - This helmet, i suppose
    THE SORCERER, 1877 - Time was, when love and i
    IOLANTHE, 1882 - Tripping hither, tripping thither
    H. M. S. PINAFORE, 1878 - We sail the ocean blue
    THE GONDOLIERS, 1889 - We're called gondolieri
    - Welcome joy, adieu to sadness
    - Were i thy bride
    - When a felon's not engaged in his employment
    - When a merry maiden marries
    - When a wooer goes a-wooing
    - When all night long a chap remains
    - When britain really rul'd the waves
    TRIAL BY JURY, 1875 - When first my old, old love i knew
    - When i go out of door
    - When i was a lad
    - When i went to the bar
    - When i, good friends, was call'd to the bar
    THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD - When maiden loves
    - When the foeman bares his steel
    - When the night wind howls
    - When you had left our pirate fold
    - Whene'er i spoke
    - With a sense of deep emotion
    - With cat-like tread
    - Would you know the kind of maid