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L'art du raga François AUBOUX Livre Les Pays - laflutedepanAUBOUX FRANÇOIS
L'art du raga
Musique ouverte
21.30 €
Hindustani Raga Sangeet Patrick MOUTAL Livre Les Pays - laflutedepanMOUTAL PATRICK
Hindustani Raga Sangeet

28.00 €
Le temps et le timbre dans la musique de gagaku laflutedepanKAPUSCINSKI JAROSLAW / ROSE FRANÇOIS
Le temps et le timbre dans la musique de gagaku
Univers musical
11.50 €
Le shakuhachi japonais Bruno DESCHENES Livre Les Pays - laflutedepanDESCHENES BRUNO
Le shakuhachi japonais

26.50 €
Fusion du temps LIAO Lin-Ni Livre Les Pays - laflutedepanLIAO LIN-NI
Fusion du temps

25.00 €
Musiques d'Asie centrale : l'esprit d'une tradition laflutedepanDURING JEAN
Musiques d'Asie centrale : l'esprit d'une tradition
Musiques du monde
21.30 €
Les maqâms anciens et les instruments la musique kurde d'Iran et d'Irak laflutedepanMERATI MOHAMMAD ALI
Les maqâms anciens et les instruments la musique kurde d'Iran et d'Irak

25.00 €
Composing japanese musical modernity Bonnie WADE Livre laflutedepanWADE BONNIE
Composing japanese musical modernity

34.80 €
Hindustani Gata-s Compilation - Patrick MOUTAL - laflutedepan.com

Hindustani Gata-s Compilation
Patrick MOUTAL

Instrumental themes in north Indian classical music

Essai sur les thèmes instrumentaux dans la musique classique du nord de l'Inde

Livre - Broché


Référence: 9782954124414
1 vol., 372 p.,20,6cm x 14,6cm x 1,3cm - 2012

LES THÉMATIQUES  >  Les Pays  >  Asie

28.00 €
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The present work covers 454 gata-s on 164 raga-s. The core of this compilation comes from late Pandit Lal Mani Misra, Dr. K. C. Gangrade, his late guru-s, Ustad Rustam Khan, Pandit Dinkar Rao Patwardhan and Pandit Shankar Rao Telang, whose traditional gata-s of the sitar Gwalior gharana and Amirkhani-s are truly outstanding. Other gata-s proceed from my doctorate of sitar compositions, famous transcribed vocal bandisa-s, from various instrumentalists and from the teachers of the Faculty of Performing Arts, Banaras Hindu University, in my student years (1970-1983).

They have all been written down in Bhatkhandeji's music notation system - svaralipi. But please ! put your mind at rest ! For non Hindi-readers, it will be quite easy, fast and fun to learn the mere twelve symbols needed to fully understand the integrality of the 454 themes (7 musical notes and 5 metric terms "bola" corresponding to the different plectrum or bow movements). This system of notation is broadly explained at the beginning of the book and you will also find a loose sheet to help you ... during your first hour of decoding.

It requires some effort, especially as the easiness of these 12 musical signs has nothing in common with the intricate learning of western staff notation. On the contrary, could you imagine learning a sonata or a jazz theme using indian musical notation ? Last but not least, through the study of this work, some non-Hindi reading persons will gain access to outstanding XIX-XX century Hindi literature on raga (themes, melodic movements, fast passages etc.). It's only fun learning this notation system - the only one perfectly adapted - to writing North Indian classical music.

Hindustani Gata-s Compilation - Patrick MOUTAL - laflutedepan.com

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