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  • Hank Williams

    Partition - Piano Chant Guitare

    Hal Leonard

    Référence: HL00306304

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    - A home in heaven
    - A house without love
    - A mansion on the hill
    - A picture from life's other side
    - A stranger in the night
    - A teardrop on a rose
    - Alone and forsaken
    - Angel of death
    - Are you lonely too
    - Are you walkin' and a-talkin' for the lord
    - Baby, we're really in love
    - Bayou pon pon
    - Cajun baby
    - California zephyr
    - Calling you
    - Cold, cold heart
    - Countryfied
    - Dear brother
    - Everything's okay
    - For me there is no place
    - Forever's a long long time
    - Help me understand
    - Hey, good lookin
    - Homesick
    - Honey, do you love me, huh
    - Honky tonk blues
    - Honky tonkin
    - House of gold
    - How can you refuse him now
    - Howlin' at the moon
    - I ain't got nothing but time
    - I can't escape from you
    - I can't get you off of my mind
    - I can't help it (if i'm still in love with you)
    - I could never be ashamed of you
    - I don't care (if tomorrow never comes)
    - I just didn't have the heart to say goodbye
    - I just don't like this kind of livin
    - I lost the only love i knew
    - I saw the light
    - I wish you didn't love me so much
    - I won't be home no more
    - I'd still want you
    - I'll be a bachelor till i die
    - I'll never get out of this world alive
    - I'm a long gone daddy
    - I'm going home
    - I'm gonna sing
    - I'm just crying 'cause i care
    - I'm praying for the day that) peace will come
    - I'm so lonesome i could cry
    - I'm so tired of it all
    - I'm sorry for you my friend
    - I'm yvonne (of the bayou)
    - I've been down that road before
    - If i didn't love you
    - If you'll be a baby (to me)
    - Is this goodbye
    - Jambalaya (on the bayou)
    - Jesus died for me
    - Jesus is calling
    - Jesus remembered me
    - Just me and my broken heart
    - Just waitin
    - Kaw-liga
    - Last night i dreamed of heaven
    - Last night) i heard you crying in your sleep
    - Let's turn back the years
    - Little bosephus (hank williams jr)
    - Long gone lonesome blues
    - Lost on the river
    - Low down blues
    - May you never be alone
    - Me and my broken heart
    - Men with broken hearts
    - Message to my mother
    - Mind your own business
    - Minni-ha-cha
    - Moanin' the blues
    - Mother is gone
    - Move it on over
    - My cold cold heart is melted now
    - My heart won't let me go
    - My heart would know
    - My love for you has turned to hate
    - My son calls another man daddy
    - My sweet love ain't around
    - Neath a cold gray tomb of stone
    - Never again (will i knock on your door)
    - Never been so lonesome
    - No, not now
    - Nobody's lonesome for me
    - On the banks of the old pontchartrain
    - On the evening train
    - Pan american
    - Please make up your mind
    - Ramblin' man
    - Ready to go home
    - Rockin' chair daddy
    - Singing waterfall
    - Six more miles
    - Somebody's lonesome
    - The alabama waltz
    - The blues come around
    - The funeral
    - The little house we built
    - There'll be no teardrops tonight
    - There's a tear in my beer
    - There's nothing as sweet as my baby
    - We're getting closer to the grave each day
    - Wealth won't save your soul
    - Wearin' out your walkin' shoes
    - Weary blues from waiting
    - When god comes and gathers his jewels
    - When the book of life is read
    - When you're tired of breaking other hearts
    - Where do i go from here
    - Why don't you love me
    - Why should i cry
    - Why should we try anymore
    - You better keep it on your mind
    - You broke your own heart
    - You can't take my memories of you
    - You win again
    - You're barking up the wrong tree now
    - You're gonna change (or i'm gonna leave)
    - Your cheatin' heart
    - Your turn to cry

    Complete - Hank Williams - Partition -