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  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Don Giovanni

    Fac-simile du manuscrit de Mozart

    Selection Noel 2015


    Bärenreiter Verlag

    Référence: BVK1883

    248.00 €

    Découvrez d'autres fac-similés des manuscrits des plus grands opéras de Mozart réalisés par le Packard Humanities Institute.

    “I regard it as a true privilege to be able to read and study Mozart’s scores in his manuscript hand, as I did when I was working intensively on “ Idomeneo ” . The commanding clarity and the characteristic appearance of Mozart’s handwriting are unique. A harmonious order of thinking appears there, intertwined with an inner liveliness and dynamic which instinctively brings his music to life. I find it a wonderful experience to sense the music in the visual imagination and to make it ‘tangible’ in the truest sense of the word. This is made possible by an astoundingly good facsimile such as that of “ Idomeneo ” . In this lies not only a wealth of experience, but especially also a great wealth of insight. We can only be thankful and happy about this.” (Kent Nagano)

    „What an extraordinary occasion: the publication of all seven of the great Mozart operas in autograph-facsimile editions of the highest quality, and at a reasonable price that can make the whole series accessible to all Mozart lovers - professionals, students, libraries, performing organizations, audiences - indeed, everyone!“ (James Levine)

    „I am overjoyed that this important facsimile edition of the Mozart operas could finally be realized. A tremendous dream of musicians has come true !“ (Nikolaus Harnoncourt)

    „All lovers of Mozart have reason to rejoice at the forthcoming appearance of ‘Mozart Operas in Facsimile’ - in beautifully produced multi-volume bibliophile editions available at an astonishingly low price ... thanks to the Packard Humanities Institute.” (John Eliot Gardiner)

    Fac-Simile de Don Giovanni de W.A. MOZART